A Meeting In the US Capitol Building (Updated)


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I don’t yet know how this is significant for believers, or — was yesterday’s Waking Dream — from The LORD just for me.

I honestly don’t yet know, but given the Dream subject and content and timing, and thus possible interpretations, I’ll re-count it here for your discernment and comment.

It was vivid, in color, and the details were specific.  Thank you again.

My Dream — morning of January 12, 2023:

I dreamed I was in the U.S.Capitol Building office of an important high ranking official with Ben.  [Ben is my late husband who’s been in heaven for 10 years].

We were in a main entryway office of some kind — as where a top Administrator/ official person has authority for all entrances and exits.

In my dream, Ben was still my husband and alive.  I was sitting at a little table, while the important man behind the big desk was looking at papers.

We were having a banter kind of conversation, nothing urgent.  Ben was at my left, looking at some items in a glass case a few feet from me.

He wasn’t a part of the conversation I was having with the important man, he was just perusing some items in the glass case of the kind in jeweler’s stores, where they keep watches and rings.  He was engrossed in what he was viewing.

I was sitting at a very small bistro-style table with one chair — about 3 feet (1m) in front of the distinguished looking guy in charge, sitting at his very large desk.

I noticed he had a dark blue suit.  Italian design, very rich looking, silk red tie, gold cuff-links, the works.

He dressed like a diplomat.  Impressive form.  He was tall, almost stately looking.  Late 60s.  Impressive huge maple desk.  All kinds of insignias and important looking framed letters, documents, awards on wall.

But right outside the main door to his large office — it opened up to the huge Capitol Chambers — the seating area.

Like what we see on television.  But from his desk — he could open his french doors — and walk right onto the stage, do to speak, the Chambers of the Capitol (which is in amphitheater style).

The man at desk in front of me, I knew was working with Bill Gates on the next pandemic. (They had plans to implement a worse pandemic in 2025).  I knew it in my spirit, but didn’t say it.

This official somehow “knew that I knew” this.  Yet he didn’t say anything.

Oddly, he was somehow — in the dream — taken with me.  He smiled in a way that wasn’t flirtatious, but showed interest.  Hard to explain the look I saw.  It was more spiritual curiosity, and a desire to know Truth — but he had to play his role.

I saw all that in an instant.  He was attracted to me, not in a physical sense, but like he wanted to befriend me and know me.  It was more of a soul who didn’t know Christ, and who knows he is empty.

Without words, I somehow let him know that, “I knew who he really was!”  That he was ‘running the show behind the scenes for Gates and Globalists.  His ‘job’ had been his cover — for decades. [See Below on Gates].

The man behind the desk was a wealthy and influential person at the top, who was running interference.  I was polite and respectful, but I wasn’t completely sure Ben and I were not in danger, yet I talked in code, carefully weighing my words, not saying too much, yet indicating I was not unaware of who he was.

[I can’t remember any of the conversation we had.  It was only for about 10 minutes that  we were in his office].

Next to my right was the Capitol Chambers.  There were three (3) people (older women) who had an appointment and who were waiting to talk to him.

He looked out of his office through the doors which opened to the Capitol Chamber seats.  These three matronly, sweet older ladies (in their 70s) — they were sitting there — on the front row.  Nice, looking older women, the way women dressed back when… clutch purses in their laps, hats, brocade collars, coats like from the 40s, 50s.

The man then opened his french doors and said to ladies, “Give me 3 minutes!  Be right with you!”

So I stood up to leave and motioned to Ben it was time to go, but when I stood up, my eye had caught a glimpse of a business card sitting near edge of his very large maple desk.

I didn’t feel it was his name card.  I felt someone had given it to him.  I saw a name on it.  I caught his eye when he saw that I had seen the name on business card.

He seemed uncomfortable that I saw that persons name.  So I quickly looked away and acted as I had paid no mind to it.  The name looked like “Kinkaid“.

I politely said, “Goodbye — we have to leave now,” to the man in charge behind his large desk.

I said to Ben, “Let’s leave now!” and arm in arm, we walked hurriedly out.

The guy’s office led down a long corridor to a back door.  We walked out a back door and under like a tiny clear plastic awning, and a thin line, wrapping around a counter, decorated.  We had to go out that way.

I looked out a window which was to my right and saw it lead to a beautiful porch patio, with tables, flowers and an old, almost Victorian look to it.  Elegant, ornate, it had the feeling I couldn’t wait to get out of that building.

I knew we were being watched intently, though I didn’t see guards or surveillance, I knew it was all hidden in plain sight.  Then I woke up.

I’m not sure if this was a ‘Pray it through type of dream’ — but I welcome any inspiration from The LORD.

Prophetic Revelation is key to discern this accurately.


I did research the name “Kinkaid” and “Kincaid”.  But other than a high-person in Transit Authority- and the Kinkaid Act (below), not sure why name in the Dream.

Under word ‘Kincaid’  ‘online — the ‘Nebraska and Kinkaid Act’ is listed.

The Kinkaid Act was signed into law 1904 by Pres.Theodore Roosevelt.  This act, which was an amendment of the Homestead Act of 1862, was similar to its predecessor in that it allowed an individual 21 years of age or older, who was currently a citizen, or in the process of becoming a citizen, to acquire up to 640 acres of non-irrigable land in the Sandhills of Nebraska for free.

Billionaire Bill Gates purchased 20,000 acres in Nebraska holdings are spread among 19 counties, according to purchases tracked by The Land Report magazine.  More than one-third of his land in the state, about 8,500 acres, is ..

Post Postscript

January 18, 2023.

Wow.  I was having lunch today, when The LORD spoke a download into me.  This dream (below) from a few days ago — here’s what The LORD said about it:

It’s actually for The Remnant Bride — The People of God.   It wasn’t just for me.  The LORD then explained the Dream.  It all made sense then.  See below.

Addendum to Dream Meaning:

The US Capitol, the Redemption wrap-up, and the 3rd Great Awakening.

Elizabeth here (the author of above U.S. Capitol Dream) — with what I believe is the final piece of puzzle.

As God often uses metaphors, scenes, images in dreams — conveying messages about Kingdom matters, The LORD surprised me today with this revelation of dream.

● I believe The LORD showed me that Mr. Kincaid in dream represented The Gatekeeper of Time.

His suit colors could represent: red (Blood of Jesus), white (purity), blue (heaven/ revelation) — and points to The USA, providential in Heaven’s Plans in End-time scenario.

The large doors (the Gate) opened to a The Chambers.

The Chambers are where governmental decisions are finalized, where the gavel comes down.

Father God, Jesus: Judge with gavel. Sovereign authority of the Universe — of all time, past, present, future.  (Revelation 4:2)

The three (3) godly, refined mature women in the front row to whom he (Kincaid) said ‘Be with you in three (3) minutes’.  The LORD said “The 3rd Great Awakening”.  It’s started!

The 3 ladies (dispensations) are seated and waiting. Heaven has sat down.  (Hebrews 10:11-14)

●  The doors (gate) have opened — the TIME is now.

My spouse (in glory now) was in the room (space) (Hebrews 12:1), looking down (he’s in glory now) at the “watches” – refers to ‘time’.

In the glass showcase.  The glass case speaks of having ‘clear revelation’.  We, on earth, see ‘dimly’. (1 Corinthians 13:12)

●  I was talking to Mr Kincaid as I am still here on earth.

The Business card on his desk I had seen, but looked away — is because here on earth, we must walk by Faith. (2 Corinthians 5:7)

We can’t see all the ‘business’ of heaven, yet.   Its not our time here to “know all the mysteries” —- yet!

●  When Ben and I walked out, the arch in the long corridor, out the back entrance, was showing me past is like a long path — and future is that ‘straight, narrow path’.

Can only exit that way.  Only way to be a part of the last great move of God is through the door.

●  Jesus is the only door out(John 10:7)

●  It’s a narrow path.  (Matthew 7:14)

●  The clear covering in ceiling is that heaven n’ earth are open, touching.  I saw to the right of pathway — an inviting, Victorian huge portico patio — but knew I couldn’t go out that way.

That represented the past.  Even past moves of God.

That was good for then, but not the path for now.

Had we walked out that door, I would’ve gotten off course.  I had to walk ‘the long, straight path out of the building’.

The building is my assignment here on earth — what my journey entails.

●  The LORD downloaded this in an instant.  Had he not, I would have missed clear understanding of what dream was about.

And it’s for all of us who are the redeemed of the ages of man. 

God’s in ‘the business’ (card on desk) of wrapping up all the generations — past and present.  Like late spouse in heaven, Ben, ‘sees’  time — in a way we can’t yet.

●  Each generation has a journey- a momentum to get to the Capitol.  (God’s Courts of the Redeemed).  The Capitol is the destiny of all generations — must be completed — The End of Days.

That’s what The LORD showed me.


~ Elizabeth Cassutto