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Lightbeacon Ministries thanks you for taking the time to stop by and visit. This is a small-budget (one-man-operation), so please extend me mercy by not expecting too much in the way of graphics, bells n' whistles and hi-tech gizmos. I work full-time (teach), help care for a almost 100 year old mother in another State, and have other duties, so the website gets 'updated' like once every Presidential election, maybe.What I do is:

            Writing, praying, preaching - my life is stories. That's the nuts n' bolts of it. How my Messiah King Jesus reveals Himself to me through current events, the news, prophecy, dreams, everyday stuff. Heaven, life, people, angelic activity, spiritual battles, national issues, even why He made zebras, toads, and much He loves His creation (p.s. He loves riding horses)...we talk about it all. This is what I think about when I'm in the car, at the grocery store, at work, doing the laundry. God LONGS to share Himself with those who will listen. I can teach you how to HEAR HIS WONDERFUL VOICE - it's easier than you think. FOCUS and HEARING. It's an inward work of the Holy Spirit - how to listen to God. I often text myself at night  (as I can't write fast enough to get it all down, and don't want to wait to start up the old PC). Many nights, from 2 - 5 a.m., whenever Holy Spirit shows up, He tells me things about heaven, the universe, the planet, animals (He LOVES His creation), people, nations, I mean, He has an opinion on everything. He tells me, as He whispers in my spirit. He has shared what makes Him happy, what delights Him, and what breaks His heart. It should not surprise you - it is in His Word - His letter He wrote us. Not wanting to get fully awake by turning on the light, I've learned how to 'scratch' His words on everything from a kleenex to an old receipt on the nightstand - so I can remember the next morning while making coffee, what He said when I awake at 2 a.m. I hope to soon get these stories in print, finally!

            I tell stories through art, cartoons, funny things, sad things, cards, puns, articles and newsletters. I know laughter and drama. Visions & dreams, decreeing, prophesying and teaching is my calling and gifting. Took me many years to understand this stuff inside had a name! I just thought I was different.  I know what I am and what I'm not, and I am not a techie.  I was born during rotary dial phones and went to college pre-PC's. And as I have neither the time, (have to work), or help (unless the cat can type, it's me), this is it. Resources are limited (The Publishers Clearinghouse folks haven't shown up yet), so forgive the rudimentary website-in-training. It'll have to do.

             If you want to better understand the role of the Jewish people in God’s plan of salvation, I can help. Here's a shekel of a word for you - I like to call it 'eschatological foundations' - I can give some quick insight into these end-times. Or you can go to some fabulous websites (with real scholars and great ministries) who can enlighten on end-times and current events. A good one is: Discovering the Jewish Jesus with Messianic Rabbi Schneider. Another is: Rev. Irvin Baxter in Texas And of course Rev. Dr. Pat Robertson of CBN (the 700 Club) in Virginia Beach is a elder in the faith and he understands Matthew 24 & 25, as well as the two afore-mentioned ministers. Don't forget Dr. RIchard Booker's Sounds of the Trumpet Ministry. These are just a few ministries that have a wealth of literature, CDs, resources and years - decades of true scholarship and understanding to 'rightly divide the Word of Truth' 2 Tim.2:15.   And they have staff - something I don't, which is probably why you'll get more literature quickly than I can offer it. But I give what I have - and I have sent many free books, newsletters and CDs out, as I have them. It is vital to be biblically literate and understand the times we live in from a Hebraic/Christian prophecy perspective.

            If you want to know about the Holy Spirit, I can help. I've prayed for Jews, Christians, Atheists, Baptists, Catholics, Bikers, Dancers, Priests, Prophets and well, you name it. I've even prayed for animals, and I can tell you, I've seen miracles. If you want to understand the Jewish Feasts such as  Passover, Sukkot (the Feast of Tabernacles), for example, as well as others, I am available to speak at churches, women's groups, conferences, with enough notice. If you want to know where Christmas, Easter and traditions stem from, you can look it all up on 'Rabbi Google' (LOL) or contact me. My (late) husband and I had hosted Passover Seder's in churches, as well as Feast of Tabernacle celebrations (in a Sukkah).  A ‘Yeshua´ (Christ) in the Passover illustration, makes the bible come alive. Also, as a widow of several years, I can speak well on the topic of the Messiah being your best friend, Counselor, Boss, Provider, Brother, Lord, King, Husband and more. I read that widowhood affects over 70% of the church at large in America today, and that includes the divorced and single saints. Not everyone is under 21 (singles) or knitting in a rocking chair at 85+. So there is a large segment of the church and messianic circles of women and men that need to find a voice, a place to fit in, a place to express their need for belongingness, companionship, relationship and life.  Living in this age, at this time, is not easy as an unmarried believer, for sure. To be a Spirit-filled believer [unmarried and mature], requires courage, strength, and a constant infilling of hope and joy - to reach your destiny in God. I was single till 40 and widowed in my late 50's, so I can speak to finding your identity in Messiah, on a personal and transparent level.

             Friends tell me I am like a Erma Bombeck with glory - I am truly wanting every day to yield to my God more, so He can operate through all of His gifts [through Holy Spirit] in my life.  I don't censor the Lord. I grew up Catholic (Catholic grade school through college), so I know all the jokes, the shtick, the customs. (I used to tell my husband 'growing up Catholic is like growing up "Jewish light" - half the calories and twice the guilt).  My husband grew up as a Jewish believer in Jesus, from parents who were holocaust survivors from Europe, he had several cultures and traditions merged.  He grew up in a big, loving family: like Italians, the Jews of Baltimore, could eat, talk, cook, hug, argue and pray, (all at the same time around a big dinner table)! Oh Vey! I fit right in!  We used to joke who grew up with more guilt...and we'd laugh. I'd say 'we are only 5 bagels removed from a good penance'. I get it.  Personalities, denominations,  cultures, traditions.....the times may have changed, we may not be in the B.C era any longer (for your millennials, that's before the common era (before Christ), that does NOT mean 'before coffee'.  The times have changed since Yeshua (Jesus) gave His  followers their marching orders, but people have not.

            Having worshipped in Pentecostal churches, and worked in the world for 40 years, in the theatre, in the health field, in business and waited tables putting myself through college, helping my Veterinarian husband care for the 4-legged patients, and now teaching, I get people. Because I'm one of them. The best sermons are downloaded while you are at a diner with a friend and most revelations from God came doing the simple everyday things. I believe in being real. I believe in holiness. Caricatures only work in print and in marketing ads; they don't work in real life. I believe in a good cry and a good movie now and then. I know without a few good friends, this journey is next to impossible. I really get the Apostle Paul. In a nutshell, he said had been down n' out, and on the heights of love an heavenly revelations from heaven, and almost killed for it. I understand him well. I've lost some friends, but gained new ones, to follow the voice of the one I love: My Sweet Yeshua, My King.  I love good chocolate, and lots of garlic, and a good Torah service (not in that order).  If you want to hear 'where the rubber meets to road' - give me a shout out. I'll help if I can. Do you want to know how to do a Passover Seder (I've done them, and Jews for Jesus can send you info to make it easy for you). I have avoided social media like the plague, mainly cause I don't have the time to waste. I would rather pray for the nations and then go ride a bike,  pet a dog, feed the birds out back,  or meet a friend for pizza. I 'd rather pray in tongues for 2 hours so the modern day martyrs  get released. Millions are persecuted for their faith daily with torture and terrorism...but you won't get these facts on the a-b-c news outlets, you have to know where to find True News and honest journalism. I don't waste a second reading on facebook someone's rants or see if anyone likes me, or what they had for breakfast. Ugh, who cares? Frankly, Scarlett......Well, you know the rest if you are old enough to remember the original screening of 'Gone With the Wind' with Clark Gable & Vivien Leigh. Oops, did I really say that? Yep, I did. Spend your time in things that matter: God's News.

             What I am purposefully overstating is that modern life America majors on the mundane nonsense of things will not matter in the big scheme of life...and they ignore 'the weightier issues of the law' (as Jesus said). What counts is human life! All life. THE BORN AND UNBORN. To borrow a phrase from a political-esque saying "ALL LIFE MATTERS".  Jesus thinks so. He proved it by giving His for yours and mine. The UNBORN MATTER. THE ELDERLY MATTER. CHILDREN MATTER. WIDOWS MATTERS. THE DIVORCED, SINGLE AND LONELY MATTER. It all matters to God. YOU matter to God. I care what my King thinks of me, and that's what matters most to me. WHAT COUNTS WITH GOD MATTERS. This is HIS IDEA: Life that is. The earth was His idea. You are I were not dreamed up in a laboratory somewhere, our souls came from Him (Psalm 139, Jer. 1:5). So I care about God's  opinions, and have no time to waste on things that will not matter in 5 years, lets alone, 5 days from now. I care about eternal things: souls, souls, souls! People. That's what on God's heart, and it is my life's mission to fulfill my destiny in Him. Make that your VISION & MISSION STATEMENT! Jesus declared His in Isaiah: He came to set the captives free!  That's what real. Facebook, Instagram, Skype, polls, tweets and texts, they have their place, but do not let it own you. Do not bury your head or time in wood, hay and stubble: that will come and go. Don't waste your life on what is not worth your time.  It's the WORD OF THE LORD that stands forever' Isaiah 40:8.    HIS WORDS MATTER. Make them your own! Shalom!  

            Lightbeacon Ministries has at present two original publications which we can offer to Messianic Congregations, churches and other ministries,

 “The Last Jew of Rotterdam” and Buried Treasure".
"The Last Jew of Rotterdam" is the thrilling and true story of my late husbands' parents who survived the Holocaust in Holland (the Netherlands). Trough it all, they became believers in Yeshua (Jesus), and went onto live amazing lives in America, pastoring and ministering a Church in the Baltimore area. Theirs is a powerful story of redemption and forgiveness and victory.,

 Buried Treasure is my book (Elizabeth Mickel-Cassutto), which is in essence a prophetic devotional, and began from  a powerful and life-changing dream I had in 1983 of the Lord’s return. There are some powerful quotes and snipets that will cause the reader to yearn to be ready (Revelation 3:10) for the Lord’s return.

"Yishtabach" - Some traditional Hebrew Sabbath songs sung in Hebrew and English, with short stories. Also, many free short prophetic articles and insights (paper) as well. email or write me for some freebies - just include a few bucks for postage. * hanging from paypal to another site - not up yet, stay tuned. For now - snail mail to order.

Check out prophetic blogs and articles on - my name is under the Author pull down. Various social media sites are being revised, more on that soon.

Until Spring of 2024, YOU CAN GET A FREEBIE (Buried Treasure book) and or CD. What a bargain! My gift to you. All that is needed is $10 for expedited S&H. *Books and CDs mailed separately.If you would like speak toour group, e-mail me at: or write: Elizabeth Cassutto, LightBeacon Ministries, P.O. Box 1052, Millsboro, DE 19966