God’s Army is Taking Recruits!


Calling All the Willing!
Will Draft if Necessary!

The headlines these days are jolting!

Insurance deaths up 40% for 30 and under.  I just heard [was on an online Twitter Conference] news on statistics of young people dying.

From Europe, USA, Canada — Insurance companies top executives are saying they’ve never seen anything like it.  Doctors have never seen anything like this!

The statistics are in black and white, from top epidemiologists, cardiologists, pulmonologists, internists, pediatricians.

Our youth are in danger.  Many are sick, and too many are dropping over and dying suddenly.  Whoever heard of such a thing?

Some truth-teller social media sites, conservative websites, a few news outlets, and a few Christian television programmers will carry the truth these medical whistle-blowers are sharing.

It’s time we (humanity) gets our heads out of the sand and realize — early death is becoming an epidemic.  When pharmaceutical giants give themselves a 75 year immunity clause, we know the times we are in.

I was listening to a social media call tonight — hearing so many stories — doctors to patients.  In several countries, the families of all these injured or deceased from the mandates, can’t sue for any  compensation.

For sure, we have entered into the time where the first Church was — miracles of healing needed.  The LORD shows His power greatly, where man has lost all hope.

This planned genocide hit the world suddenly, yet its planning goes back to Marxism and Hitleresque ideology.

The recent WEF Forum in Davos had all the de-population kingpins strategizing their next agendas, but, our God saw and heard it all.

He has a heart to rescue the young and the weak and populate Heaven with eternal citizens — and The LORD’s Plan will always be carried out.

As Ecclesiastes 1:9 says ‘that which has been – will be again’.

No despot or devil will outsmart the living God — who had no beginning or end.  All things are subject to His rule.

Yet for every Haman that rose up, there was a Mordecai and Esther.  Every Pharaoh was met with a Moses.

God is not mocked.  Like that old WWII poster ‘Uncle Sam Wants You”   God is looking for recruits for His Army.

Enlistments needed.  Though He will bring back the draft if necessary.  He will get His Army.

What I find disconcerting is the malaise and stupor, thick as a veil, that has covered the common-sense reason of a nation, in three short years.

The lack of desire to resist blatant evil is off the charts.  I’ve actually heard a faithful believer whom I know, echo something like …. “Well, if it’s going to happen, what can we do. The Bible says the evil one is going to come”?

Uh, excuse me?  Knowing a storm is coming is no reason not to prepare, or get others to safety, as we are able.

Humanity seems to have spun off the rail — like a collective “deer caught in the headlights”.  Or like “a bunny rabbit immobilized by fear” — too scared to move.

The Word tells us, we are not left powerless against the demonic puppet-masters who tell us who we are, what we should say, believe, eat, and do.  The prophets of old were not.  The Apostles were not.  Jesus wasn’t.

Yes, fear is real – and we will probably face more of it than we ever want to.

But love is greater and stronger than death.  (Song of Solomon 8:6).  Who has bewitched this generation? — the Apostle Paul asked.  We must become set free.  Untethered from a veil of fear.

Where are the saints of old who fought against evil?

The Bible is filled w/ those who resisted evil.  Why is this generation of mature believers so apathetic and unbelieving to protect?

Nehemiah and Ezra built the Wall to keep evil out, and The LORD sent out His prophets to confront the wicked kings.

Even young David, fresh off the field from tending sheep, was the only one with the courage to confront Goliath.

Why are so many allowing a complicit and lying media, a lawless govt regime, and a satanic agenda that wants to squash all innocence and genitally mutilate the youngest, go unopposed?

Who has neutered this generations’ faith and courage?

Why are the retired and comfortable hiding out in their homes and “just hanging on till I die, and go to heaven?

Animals protect their young to the death; can we not do better than they?  We must do better.

In 2 Kings, King Hezekiah was told by the prophet he was going to die — but the prophet told him God would grant him 15 more years.

Yet ‘ his rebellious children did not live to serve God rightly.  Hezekiah wanted things to go smoothly for him.  Basically, in effect, his words (my paraphrasing here) reflected his heart…”Whew —– I will be gone by the time disaster hits my sons time!”

He could not have cared less about the generation under him to come — his life insurance was paid up, his days had been full, that’s what mattered most to him.

Sadly, that describes the times.  No thought for those left behind, who know not God.  God help us all.

The young (spiritually, physically, emotionally, culturally), are daily being thrown to the wolves.  We see this.  This is not pleasant news — but the public needs to know this.

For the last few years, some brave whistle-blowers who used to work in the health and food industries said what big profits are made from selling fetal parts.

Food manufacturers are using these parts in everything from coffee creamer to additives, to “natural flavorings’.

Yes, it is disgusting.  Numerous exposes on this have come out for years.   Again, not all, but many are doing this.

I believe it is a Senator from Texas (Sen. Bob Hall, a conservative, pro-life christian), who has has been trying to bring legislation to ban this for years in Congress.  Of course, he’s met with obfuscation on all sides.

The lying spirit of the age values profit over even the most basic of moral ethics.

From articles, to posts I’ve seen over last few years, I recall reading the cosmetics industry and other sectors of merchandising has their hands into profiteering from selling of fetal parts.

The info is out there.  But it is not advertised.  The enemy works in darkness.  No wonder the rabid clamor for abortion, abortion.

Nations are stained with blood.  I pray all involved in this practice will run to the Redeemer and repent. Only His blood can cover all sin, iniquity and transgressions.

I wonder how God has even been able to tolerate all this evil?  When the hammer does come down on sin, it will be swift and sudden, and The Nation(s)  that now are trying to get Israel to divide her land (2 State Solution), even my own nation that I love, if she does not repent, if those in power force Israel to divide — that country will be split down the middle.

Oh — let us cry between the porch and the altar for mercy, mercy, that we do not deserve.  For the millions who will fall to their death.  Unsaved.  Dreadful.  In Hell’s grip.

This is what the beast system looks like: the total depravity of man and death of innocence. Mankind is becoming beast-like. Not all. Surely not all. That’s why only GLOBAL REVIVAL and repentance will get them in the Ark. The devil has already spewed his flood of filth- as Revelation states.

Please start speaking out!  Educate yourselves!  We will one day all have to answer for those left behind — if we are silent when we need to tell them the truth.  Not to speak — is to speak.

By now, most know the name Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Bill Gates, Yuval Noah Harari as the kingpins of the WEF, Davos meeting, globalist crowd.

Those who want to make us hackable robots.  Expendable.  Yet there are thousands (in every sector of govt, media, military, education and business under them), who do their dastardly bidding.

Will the Church confront today’s Marxs’ and Hitlers in our own land?

Yes – we know The LORD.  We are saved. But what about the death knell of those that were vaxxed with an experimental gene therapy.

What about babies and toddlers and kids?  Every day top athletes and kids dropping dead.  Mainstream news will never cover this.  They are still pushing their false narrative and hoping we swallow the propaganda drink.

“My people perish for lack of knowledge.”  Hosea 4:6

Truth has power.  What is happening to young people is a crime against life and humanity.  Child abuse.  None of us will have viable excuses on that day.

Lately, I’ve been thinking of this prayer I heard said in The Church Denomination I was raised in,

“‘LORD, keep me from sins of omission and sins of commission’…”

I didn’t think much of it as an 8 year-old… I value the Truth of it now.

I wonder if those at the Nuremberg Trials who were saying, ‘I was just doing my job” as I put the Jews in the gas chambers, really believed what they were saying.

Were they in such Stockholm Syndrome denial — that they stopped recognizing truth and reality.  Only God knows the heart.  Only He knows our soul.

History will reveal 2020 till now, made heroes of some, cowards of others.  Angels in disguise, or devil’s in power.

Eternity will put wreaths of garland on the brave, and stamp TREASON and murderer on others.  It’s sobering.

Our freedom-loving God allows us to partner with Him, in history- to write our own epitaph, so to speak. What will history say about you, about me.  We are writing our future by our actions today.  Let us write a faithful ending.

I’m trying to share what I’ve learned from those much smarter than me.

The gene manipulation experiment on humanity — its consequences are Armageddon’s unraveling scroll.

Nimrod tried to be god at Babel — and the Babylonian false gods of today are still at it.  God will topple every high tower that exalts itself against Him. (Isaiah 2:17, Luke 3,:5)  He’ll cut them down.

I thank God for the prayers of the saints.  We need each other, and will mire so, in days ahead.

Here’s to today’s heroes!  The doctors and nurses and teachers and policeman and mothers and preachers — who did the right thing.

Courage is doing the right thing, saying the right thing, at the right time.

In my book of decades ago, Buried Treasure, I said, “Faith is Courage in s-l-o-w motion.”

I believe it now more than ever.  The courageous ones are those of whom their conscious speaks more loudly than a paycheck.

Courage is synonomous with risk.  When teachers got fired  — they couldn’t stand to see innocence taken from children, and they wouldn’t promote gender re-assignment to small kids, they will be known as heroes in heaven.  Carry on.

There must be REPENTANCE and revival.  Christians have to wake up – we are at the last Trump.

The LORD told me that in 2015-16. The Trump is the word for shofar.  Funny how The LORD confirms all

The next Plan-demic those who serve the god of this world are working on — is in the works.  Digital banking roll-out is in works.

Remember — the enemy doesn’t get to decide when your life is over.  Only God has the right to that.  He is your Creator and Healer.  Anyone who needs prayers for healing — I will gladly agree w/ you.  Miracle time is here.

This is your hero-making-moment knocking at the door.  Open the door!


If you want a free copy of my book, ‘Buried Treasure’, penned in the 1980s, write me below.

Please send a few dollars to cover the postage from me to you. T he book was the 1980s vision I had of The LORD’s return.

I also shared a vision about a Russian—USA missile attack (very similar to what the (late) Rev. Henry Gruver saw.


~ Elizabeth Cassutto