God’s Plan of Redemption Made Clear



I respectfully submit this prophetic snapshot.

I had a dream again, but I believe, it was very clear, and confirmed by a historical figure in dream, what The LORD is saying.

I hope it blesses the Body of Christ. Thank you.


What was — What is — What will be!

“What has been will be again, and what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”   Ecclesiastes 1:9

Over the last decade, I’ve had many dreams, sometimes with historical figures (past and present) in them.

Often, there are family members (some still here, some in Heaven), and figures of people walking or close besides me.

I usually don’t see their faces, just their presence.  I believe, what The LORD is revealing to The Church (His Ekklesia) at this time of history, is how intrinsic, how inter-related, we all are to one another, not only in our generation that we live, but to the larger Body of the Redeemed.

Are we not all apart of the same Family of God?

I believe our LORD God is connecting • the • dots in the Dreams, Visions and experiences He is giving to so many in this generation.(Acts 2, Joel 2).

Sometimes, the Visions and Dreams are not just for us, but they are The Spirit of God inviting us to partner with Him — in The Great Commission.

In the things of The Spirit, mysteries and revelations are rarely just about us — even if we are the actor or participant in a dream, vision or God-moment.

We are the conduit God uses to execute His plans and purposes to a larger reach — for His Kingdom.

God thinks mathematically.  He multiplies everything.  Blessings multiply.  He adds +.  He is always adding to His Kingdom.

He also subtracts – .  He removes our sins.  He divides ÷.  It is up to Him whom He gives to, takes from, adds to, according to His eternal Plans.

Years ago, I was squabbling with The LORD about something,   I was fretting over how God was/ or wasn’t- answering prayers (per my puny human rationale, of course).

He is so patient with us, thank God!  I remember very clearly His Words to me when He said, “I AM a God of Order, Design, and Purpose”.

He showed me He answers every prayer in His Timing, according to the larger Plan that we don’t see.  Because He can go backwards and forwards in time with ease, His Plans (long and short term), for Nations and peoples, always have a long-range lens of Purpose.  He thinks big!

The LORD remembers hundreds and thousands of years of history, the way we remember a conversation we just had 10 minutes ago.

Woven into every Plan, and Purpose of God is His Order and Design sewn into it.  Nothing is unrelated.

Everything and everyone in Heaven is distinctly related to a Purpose, a Season, a Time and a Destiny.

Who knows, perhaps one day in Heaven, we might be watching the movies of Creation, Civilization, and all of history from God’s point of view!

How gloriously breathtaking….  We will spend eternity being continually in awe of the sheer genius and Holiness of His Glory, His Omniscience and His Strategies (we call it History) which He used, in Redemption and Restoration.

So let me tell this morning’s God-show:

Dream of January 20, 2023:

The Dream started with some of my family members (now in heaven).  It’s not relevant to this post to detail it, except to say that The LORD showed me some relatives who (had only come to The LORD at the end of their life) and who were worshipping joyfully with abandon.  God is magnanimous in His Mercy.

The next scene was a city where there were foundries and tall old industry-type cement stacks.

My eye focused on this one old building with many steps outside — Ladders — on a stack type of cement building.

For some reason I was talking to a 50-ish year old man, a blue-collar steel or iron worker.  He was climbing the outside of stack to go to the top.  He lost — or didn’t have — his last paycheck, and wanted to go inside to get it.

Then, I am following him, climbing up the Ladder rungs to try and help this guy, who desperately needed his check.

I was acting as a kind of guard for him, kind of like a lookout . Like, “I’ve got your back1”  Don’t worry, that’s how I felt.

Then, out of nowhere, Elon Musk is there.  He’s on the Ladder — on the rung above me — sandwiched between me and the worker guy who was going back into building to get his check.

(I was aware in the Dream this was all happening from the outside — Ladder rungs, going up).

I had the sense the old foundry/ iron stack was abandoned for some time — like the old steel mills of years ago.

Next, Elon Musk did a very unusual thing.  He turned a little on the Ladder, looked back at me on the rung below him, and pulls out a big wad of cash from his pocket, and starts to peel off some $20 bills to give me.

I say “No, no, you don’t have to give me any money”.

He said, “I want to…  Please take this…. You are helping this man.”

There is one more scene below.  But first, here us what this may mean.


My sense from The LORD was that this 50-ish (50 means Jubilee — restoration) old man going up the Ladder (seeking God, looking up) was once a part of the glory days of America (manufacturing, industry), which we have not seen for years.

Elon Musk represents God using this (unlikely) person of wealth, to help further God’s Plan for ‘the blue collar worker here”.

Musk wanting to bless me, wasn’t about me — I represented “The Praying Church”.

God can/ will use whomever He chooses to *replevin, restore.  The LORD uses whom He will.  The Bible shows us God used unsaved kings, those who don’t know Him, to bless His people, and Musk giving me $20 dollar bills, points to a complete waiting period of restoration.  (The number Twenty (20) in The Bible points to that).

This means, The LORD is planning to complete some of America’s history and destiny that is awaiting fulfillment.

President Andrew Jackson is on the $20 dollar bill.  He was the 7th President. (seven = perfect, complete). And I had this dream on the morning of the 20th.

So, to wrap-up, although The Holy Spirit gave me that dream this morning, it is a Message for the larger Body of Christ.

There is a corporate-recovery coming to The Church at this time.

For a season, God will move in a way man has never seen, to bring in The Harvest.

He will strong-arm even the prince of darkness, binding their forces, so that The Church can accomplish her assignments.  And, despite all the darkness in the land, God is the keeper of all lands, deeds, covenants and history.

I do think it’s wise to pray for Mr. Elon Musk, that he comes to know The LORD.  The LORD loves him and shed his blood for him.  Who knows how wonderfully The LORD will complete this story.  There is power in agreement.

Last scene

I was at a small round table — very old, colonial.  There were three (3) chairs.  To my left was a woman — didn’t see her face.

Directly across from me, was the British statesman, economist and philosopher, Edmund Burke, who died in 1729.  He had the dress on of that period, and behind him on the wall, was a large portrait painting — the scene was depicting the wars (British/ Early Colonists).

Mr. Burke had a gentle, almost approving smile looking straight at me.  There was another nondescript woman at the table to my left.  She was there, but not part of the conversation.

The very odd part of this, is that I realized Mr. Burke was a mannequin — yet he was talking and animated!

This was all pretty clear here, as Burke said (my paraphrasing), “We need to learn from history, don’t repeat its mistakes!”

Before I submitted this Word, I did some research on Edmund Burke.

Many famous quotes are attributed to him.  From what I could see, he deplored cowardice, and lack of moral restraint in a Nation, in leaders.

(We can only imagine what America’s Founding Fathers, those who are in glory, are saying about USA in 2023).

More than once, in last three years, The LORD told me, “They are gathered around The Throne, interceding for The Republic.”

“History consists, for the greater part, of the miseries brought upon the world by pride, ambition, avarice, revenge, lust, sedition, hypocrisy, ungoverned zeal, and all the train of disorderly appetite.”
Edmund Burke (1729-1797)

*Replevin:  rĭ-plĕv′ĭn  noun
1)  An action to recover personal property said or claimed to be unlawfully taken.
2)  The writ or procedure of such an action.
3)  In law, a personal action which lies to recover possession of goods or chattels wrongfully taken or detained, upon giving security to try the right to them in a suit at law, and, if that should be determined against the plaintiff, to return the property replevied.  (The American Heritage® Dictionary)


~ Elizabeth Cassutto