Iron sharpens Iron — Mysteries Unveiled


It still amazes me how God takes a single thread and weaves a colorful, glorious quilt. (Genesis.37:3) With but a few threads, divine destinies are spun.

Words have always had a mysterious effect on me. Things that are same — yet different.

When I read or hear a prophetic analogy, truth or revelation, the Master-Tailor Himself starts spinning yards of Revelation of Himself and Kingdom Mysteries from the loom He is sitting at. The Holy Spirit lives within the breast of the Bride of Christ.

Let’s learn to live with expectancy and understanding that He never sleeps. Shomer Yisrael (Psalm 121:4) God looms Revelation and Mysteries continually.

He is a living fountain and river of life. He cannot NOT be who He is. Truth and Revelation pour out of Him always. (Revelation 22: 1-2, Psalm 36:9, John 10:10)

I read the a HKP post today of Jo Ellen Stephens (March 13, Clement, Bullock, The Mountain of The LORD), and her insightful post quickened to me a dream, that I had about 7 years ago.

I’m telling the dream (see below) — because The Holy Spirit is having a show n’ tell moment here. [I’m dating myself, but that’s what they called it back in kindergarten days].

Show n’ tell. That’s The Gospel in a nutshell: Show and Tell. The Great Commission. (Matthew 28:16-20) Jesus showed us what to do and say — now GO and do likewise.

One day in heaven we will all sit with our mouths hanging open wide, mesmerized and in awe, of The Glory of The LORD, as The Holy Spirit reveals eons on mysteries before our eyes.

It (no, Him) was there all along…. but we didn’t recognize it (Him) (Luke 24:13-34)

Proverbs 27:17Iron sharpens iron….’ It doesn’t say wood sharpens iron, or brass sharpens iron. — the verse states that the same element is needed to sharpen or refine, elucidate, cause precision to, the same element.

True prophetic discernment sharpens Prophetic Utterances and Revelation!

In a nutshell: below is the dream of about 7 years ago:

The 3 Women Dream

“There was a horse-drawn carriage with 3 women riding in it, coming by the street where I live.

I knew who the 3 women were as they went by. I heard the horse-drawn carriage — I had been doing yard work in my front yard.

I looked up, I could see the women — who had the long dresses and hats of the late 1880s, early 1900s. The carriage was at first going a normal speed, but then was going faster and faster as it rounded the corner up the street from my home. (I live in a neighborhood with a cul-de-sac, and at my yard is where a left turn goes up to the end of the road).

I knew I had to run up the street to help. I knew the 3 women in the carriage were Kathryn Kuhlman, Maria Woodworth-Etter, and Aimee Semple-McPherson, who were evangelists with healing ministries.

As I saw the carriage speeding up, I could see it tilted over to the right, and the women toppled out down onto the embankment/ field of trees and grass.

Startled, I ran down the embankment (which in real life there is no embankment there — but it was in the dream) to help them. They were un-injured.

They all stood-up, dusted themselves off, and were going back up the hill to get back into the horse-drawn carriage. (If I recall correctly, I think the horse was fine, the carriage overturned- but the horse hadn’t gotten injured. Was still strapped to his harness).

Anyway — the 3 women just looked at me — face to face. Didn’t say a word. Just a faint smile. Kind of an acknowledgement. Then I woke up.”

Dream meaning

I remember pondering this Dream, and The LORD showed me that the Horse-Drawn Carriage represented a prior move of God, a different era of time.

The Women represented The Church. They were all evangelists. They were women. Forerunners.

The fact they rode on my street, showed me that the gracious God we serve is not limited. He uses male, female, young, old, trained, untrained. He looks for the willing.

As we who love our LORD Jesus have His Passion to see God’s People healed and to see His Gospel preached.

The Dream showed me He was calling me to join in His great end-time Company of Messengers.

The message wasn’t hurt (3 women — no injuries) — I (a woman) ran to help. (Psalm 68:11)

Message Takeaway

If we are of the same Christ – we are of the same Spirit, same Lord, and same God, then we are the same family of God. From Abraham to Moses to Jesus to us – we are one Bread, one Body, one Lord, one Christ. This is the Unity of the Spirit. (1 Corinthians 12:4-7)

Different eras. Different functions. Different unctions. Varying demonstrations of gifting. Different seasons of time.

But we are of the branches and tree limbs from the same root of Jesse — The LORD Jesus Christ Himself — the beginning and end Himself — the Tree of Life. (Matthew 1:1-7, Luke 3:23-38)


A interesting study below on iron. It’s what we are made from. Makes the Genesis story now come alive……

What is IRON?

Iron is #26 on the Periodic Table of Elements — the most common mineral in the earth.

In biblical meaning of numbers — it is #26. Twenty-six in scripture points to joy and wealth.

Just ahead of oxygen, O2, forming the inner and outer core of earth. We humans come from the earth- we were made from dust. Our outer core is the periodic table of life.

Man is God’s piece-de-resistance — woven masterfully within and without. (Psalm 139:14)

Our inner core is the sweet-spot of the Godhead — the hidden manna of all life, joy, mystery, the place where Father has swaddled and hidden His Son, the Glory of Eternity — between the mountains of flesh. God’s children were in His heart and mind before He formed us — we are His joy.

Father God has chosen to hide the most valuable Gold in a place where all the Periodic Elements are in one place, swaddled under layers of tissue, bone and muscle — in a place no one would look — a human soul — made from the same material as the Creator made human — the Son of God.

The inner core of the earth’s crust is iron. The outer core is iron. But sandwiched in-between is Gold (Glory) and Silver (Redemption).

We won’t understand the fullness of the mystery until the Godhead reveals it at the end. (1 John 3:2)

Oh what a mystery — Jesus Christ our LORD. What a Redeemer and what a Future have those who belong to Him!

~ Elizabeth Cassutto