Thank You to the Courageous Ones!


Thank You to the Courageous Ones!
I’m Talking About YOU!

When I saw this short message by tent revivalist, evangelist Mario Murillo, several people I know came to mind right away….. you may be one of them!

Is Revival in America Now Impossible?

by Mario Murillo — Christianity Today

A few ministers, soul-winners, prophets, followers of Jesus Christ, whom I know, remind me of the kind of spiritual muscle, that Rev. Murillo walks in.

They have no reputation in this world. Their names are not well known outside of their area, they don’t draw large crowds.

The Pastors I’m thinking of have small churches, in obscure areas. Yet, they are doing a big work for God, with little money, power or influence [in the world’s eye].

Good things come in small packages. The place where the Azusa street revival (1904) started was as small as you can get.

The African-American man of God, a holiness preacher with no money, influence or help, only had God, and a handful of holy worshippers with him. But that’s all God needed.

Over a century ago, Los Angeles was rocked by his fierce determination to seek God, and the fruits of his obedience are still in effect today.

Minister William J. Seymour had no place else to go but a rickety old room. It was said he put a sheet over his face (his prayer closet) to be alone with God, seek God, with no flesh staring at him, in the sanctuary (a small rickety room). God showed up. Did He ever!

When I read Mario Murillo’s word on his site (see below — or above link), I thought….. what could God do in America, if, like Abraham, like Moses, like Daniel, God could find 10 to intercede?

Can God find even three (3) in America today? (Genesis 18:16-33)

Whenever The LORD puts a thought like this on my heart, before I pen it, The Word is already working in me. Yes, I do love God. Yes, I do serve Him.

Yet… how much? How much do I love America? How much do I pray for, fast or intercede for the lost. Enough to weep for her between the porch and the altar? (Joel 2:17). Worth pondering.

Have I been desperate enough to see my nation saved by The Gospel — her only hope.

Know the gracious LORD is not a harsh taskmaster or condemning Father. He does not browbeat His faithful children. He loves us.

But the funny thing about Love — is the more we become aware of His Love for us — the more we yearn to Love Him in a way that is beyond what we can do in ourselves.

Love begets love. It is precisely because He loves us, and we see, feel, know it, we want to love Him back.

How do we do that? By going after His lost Sheep, to fetch them for Him.

The more we sense His Heart, broken for our generation, the more we are compelled to do more. That’s what love does: it removes the veneer. Real agape Love always reveals truth.

Truth and love are interchangeable — because it is the very nature of God. (1 John 4:7, John 14:6.) God is Love, does Love.

That is the work of The Cross in us. That is the work of Grace. We long to see our Father God’s heart touched with joy — as we are led by The Holy Spirit, in Jesus, to bring just one more soul to His altar. To cry out for a lost world.

There is one rapture that has already happened — if Christ has become our life. It is the rapture of our hearts for a love nothing else can satisfy.

We realize it is never enough. The more we taste of His Spirit, the more we can’t bear to be out of His presence.

We can’t imagine the joy of being with God forever. We will forever continually be filled by more and more and more levels, infillings, deposits and revelations of His saturating love.

His Love is intense. You can never get enough of God, because there is so much of Him. His Glory can’t be contained or measured arithmetically, physically, or literally.

The universe can’t hold Him. The Cross could not hold Him. His Love and His presence is infinite. Now, try wrapping your head around that.

His Love is big. So big it could blow out every cell of your body into space with just one glance of His eye.

That’s what awaiting those who say YES to His invitation, to be Loved by Him. The world needs Love.

We must Pray for this world.

We must pray for America.

We must never say it is impossible.

Love makes the impossible — possible! Look at The Cross.

This Memorial Day — thank you to the veterans who loved the land and people God placed them in and with.

This Memorial Day — thank you to those who follow Jesus — and still set an example for me to follow.

This Memorial Day — thank you to the Pastors, Prophets and Protectors of The Cross of Christ — whose courage and service to others made the difference in my life. I honor you.

Is Revival in America Now Impossible?

~ Elizabeth Cassutto